Sustainable By Design

San Francisco’s Epi Center MedSpa, the nation’s original medical spa, recently achieved another first by becoming an Eco MedSpa, bringing nature and science together for a more naturally beautiful you – and more beautiful planet. the Eco MedSpa is led by founding and advisory physician, Dr. Patrick Bitter, Sr. The Eco MedSpa now combines beauty enhancing medical procedures with the most effective organic treatments and sustainable practices to create a naturally vibrant and youthful appearance with minimal downtime.

Our new Eco MedSpa is elegant and inviting, cultivating a San Francisco chic meets eastern simplicity in its design. It was constructed using sustainable materials, from eco-paints to beautifully recycled fabrics, marble flooring and countertops, and recycled and FSC-certified wood. It is also energy efficient and conserves resources through water filters that eliminate the need for bottled water, electronic medical charting and digital photography that reduces paper, ink and toner usage. All plumbing fixtures are low flow to promote water conservation, and the lighting reduces energy usage by 70 percent of the amount that would typically be required by the space.

The Epi Center MedSpa worked with leaders in eco-architecture to design this luxurious medical spa with the highest level LEED certification attainable in an existing building. Eric Corey Freed, founder of organicARCHITECT and author of Green Building and Remodeling for Dummies, ensured the Epi Center MedSpa conform to the strict standards established by the U.S. Green Building Council. Eco-Fabulous ( www.ecofabulous.com ) founder and style guru Zem Joaquin served as the “green style police” for the project, ensuring that its design of the eco medspa is in line with natural systems to create a space that allows nature and commerce to co-exist in a way that supports the health of the planet. Justin Martinkovic, principal in the San Francisco commercial and residential architecture firm MartinkovicMilford, served as the lead architect on the project and Will Wick of San Francisco’s Wick Design Group designed the interior.

Sustainable Beauty

The Epi Center Eco MedSpa offers a seasonal menu of beauty enhancing treatments that are eco-friendly; with many of the medical procedures combining the most advanced FDA-approved therapies on the market today with medical grade organic skin care products. Our unique approach to skin rejuvenation offers both treatments that are effective and organic, as well as traditional treatments that are balanced with organic skin care and a healthy environment to reduce the total “toxic body load,” or the amount of toxins we absorb into our skin daily.

On a personal level, our approach supports a healthy lifestyle for our patients. On an environmental level, several popular treatments have an ancillary benefit of reducing waste and toxins in our environment. One example is laser hair removal, which reduces the amount of disposable razors and shaving cream canisters that are used and the amount of trash that goes into our landfills.

Eco medical treatments on our menu include light based treatments that offer a naturally non-toxic approach to skin rejuvenation and state-of-the-art DermaSweep microdermabrasion. The treatment is crystal free, eschewing the aluminum oxide crystals used in most spas today to create an effective and healthful treatment with long-lasting results that doesn’t pollute our environment. The Epi Center MedSpa creates sustainable beauty for you and our planet.

The Epi Center MedSpa’s elegant and sustainable LEED-certified space is located in the prestigious 450 Sutter Street medical building, Suite 800, at Union Square in San Francisco.