Treatment of Acne in San Francisco

At Epi Center MedSpa, we have seen it all when it comes to treating acne in San Francisco. Our Acne Specialists have the experience to treat even the most difficult types of acne and acne scars in San Francisco and strive to provide the effective treatments and education needed to correct and prevent acneic skin types. Individual results may vary.

Anti-Acne Detox Treatment

50 minutes/$185

Rid yourself of those pesky imperfections with this detoxification treatment. It is designed to deeply cleanse the skin and address congested pores. With the use of steam and a detoxifying serum treatment softens the skin allowing for pores to be extracted gently and thoroughly. Depending on your skin type, either a soothing mask, Blu-U or CO2 Cryotherapy will be added. This treatment significantly decreases bacteria.   

Indications: acne, dull complexion, and hyperkeratolytic build up


Clarifying Back Treatment

50 minutes/$225

This treatment is recommended for anyone who is suffering from breakouts, blackheads, congestion. This treatment includes a deep cleanse, steam with appropriate exfoliant, extractions, and soothing mask, peace of mind.


Blue Light Acne Treatment

45 minutes/$110


or 15 minutes/$45 Add-On

An acne treatment with use of blue light therapy is a clinical breakthrough that can help adults and teenagers battle stubborn acne by actually killing the bacteria that causes it. A specific acne treatment program will be recommended based on individual needs. Treatment is an adjunct to regularly scheduled facial treatment. This appointment utilizes light therapy to target acne causing bacteria by reducing inflammation while promoting a healthy glow.   

Indication: acne, actinic Keratoses

Treatments geared towards clearing up acne and reducing the scarring caused by blemishes.

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Individual Results May Vary