A Fabulous Restylane Promotion!

Ever wanted to try Restylane to get rid of those pesky lines around the mouth or maybe to get fuller lips so you can prance around with a sexy pout? This is the time to do it! Gilt City at www.giltcity.com is teaming up with Medicis, the manufacturer of Restylane, to bring volume, lift and joy to patients all over to world, including here in San Francisco! Medicis has two great promotions for anyone and everyone that wants to try Restylane or even looking to spruce up a couple extra areas:

  • $100 toward a 1 mL treatment- Gilt City Member price: $49
  • $300 toward a 2 mL treatment Gilt City Member price: $149

Epi Center MedSpa is excited to be participating in this promotion and our highly experienced medical staff look forward to working with you! The promotion starts July 30th and ends August 13th. The voucher is valid until September 30th. Please visit Gilt City at www.giltcity.com for more information.