A Personal Message from Dr. Patrick Bitter Sr, Founder of the PhotoFacial

Dear Valued Patient,

It is with great pleasure that I tell you that I will be available three days a week (Tuesday/Thursday/Friday and some Saturdays) for cosmetic or general dermatology treatment at the Epi Center MedSpa. There is a nominal fee of $50 for my consultation which is applied to your treatment should you choose to have one.

As you may know, I developed the PhotoFacial treatment in 1996 and have personally treated more than 10,000 people of different skin types.  It is estimated that over 40,000 of these treatments are performed daily all over the world.  My protocol is specific, effective, and only available at the Epi Center MedSpa.

With this treatment, I specialize in Rosacea, flushing, redness, broken capillaries, sun damaged skin, and overall increase in collagen production. Treatment can be performed all over the body. Some brown spots are non responsive with PhotoFacial, however these spots can be treated in the same treatment with a different modality.

A full face treatment requires 2 hours of your time. You will leave the appointment with some redness which should subside in an hour or so. Brown spots will turn a few shades darker and flake off in a week or so. Most patients benefit from a series of 2 -5 treatments.

Current pricing.  The special for December and January is a complimentary hand or neck treatment when having a full face or body area treated.

Full Face                                $485 per treatment
Face and Neck                       $675 per treatment
Face and Chest                      $710 per treatment
Face, Neck and Decollete         $775 per treatment
Neck and Decollete                 $485 per treatment
Spot Treatment                     $250 per treatment
Cheeks                                 $385 per treatment

Forearms or Full Arms               $485 per treatment
Shoulders and Upper Back        $485 per treatment
Full Back                                $685 per treatment
Abdomen                              $485 per treatment
Upper Legs                            $485-$685 per treatment
Lower Legs                            $485 per treatment
Full Legs                                $685-$885 per treatment

It is often recommended you be seen at 3 – 4 week intervals until the desired result is achieved.  Protect your skin with a sun block with an SPF of 30+ and avoid sun exposure. In some cases, pretreatment with Hydroquinone or Retin A is advised.

Call 415.362.4754 to reserve your appointment. 

Best wishes and Happy Holidays,

Patrick H. Bitter Sr., MD