Easy Home Care for Smaller Pores and Clearer Skin


Collagen breakdown, which causes wrinkles, is inevitable but who knew that this would cause your pores to look larger as well? Unfortunately, there is nothing you can do to permanently shrink your pores but there is something you can do to make pores look smaller, in the convenience of your own home! The number one thing that everyone who desires flawless skin should do is….wait for it….clean their face, properly.

Now, this may seem pretty obvious and like common sense but the knowledge of how to actually cleanse a face properly is astonishingly uncommon. Hands and washcloths are not proper cleaning tools and scrubbing your face vigorously to porcelain skin actually contributes to the ravaging of your delicate epidermis and can cause other traumatic effects like wrinkles! In order to make pores look smaller and clear your skin, ALL the debris and blackheads must be exfoliated and eliminated daily-using your hands only takes off about half the amount of gunk that’s on your face!

So what’s there to do? The medical professionals at Epi Center MedSpa recommend a deep cleansing brush like the Clarisonic, which mimics the effect of a salon skin-resurfacing treatment. The Clarisonic brush, with its patented oscillation and spin rotation technology (made by the same guy that created the Sonicare toothbrush!), is so effective yet surprisingly gentle.

The Clarisonic Brush removes 6 times more debris, such as makeup and dirt, than manual cleansing. The only thing that can compare is frequent visits to your favorite aesthetician for facials. Another perk is using the brush before shaving which helps perk up the hair follicle for a closer and less irritated shaving experience for both men and women. The absorption rate of your products such as vitamin C and night creams will greatly increase, thus increasing their effectiveness.

Clarisonic Brushes come in full and compact sizes and also a bigger brush head for a clean and smooth body. Don’t be fooled by imitators. The copycat brushes only spin in one direction, which tightens and breaks the skin. The oscillation factor of the Clarisonic is what makes the cleansing experience so enjoyable and gentle. No other brush out there can do what the Clarisonic does.

Bottom line is, anyone who cleans their face needs a Clarisonic, or you might as well not clean your face at all!

Epi Center is offering 20% off on all Clarisonic Brushes-just in time to ring in the new year with a flawless face!

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