Happy Birthday to Epi Center MedSpa!

Happy birthday Epi Center MedSpa!! 14 years ago this month, Dr. Bitter and Margaret Mitchell hired Jennifer Fick, RN BSN and opened the first medical spa concept anywhere. Our tiny operation began with just a single room. Today we have 12 employees, 8 treatment rooms, 8 lasers, and are the 3rd largest practice in SF for injecting Botox/Dysport and dermal fillers. We have been awarded Top MedSpa in the US and our biggest honor is Dr. Michael Rokeach, Chief of Staff at CPMC, joined the medical practice and oversees our clinical department. We continued to thrive through 9/11, the .com crash, and the recent economic down turn. Why? Because we take great care of our patients and clients and they take great care of us!!!!

thumb_joaquin city view

Another grand achievement for Epi Center is becoming the nation’s first Eco Med Spa Concept. Our facility is Silver LEED certified, embracing the magnificent designs of world renowned architect and winner of three US presidential awards, William McDonough. The idea behind this innovative concept is simple-executing excellent results in the clean and healthy environment every client deserves. We do our part in honoring Earth Day everyday!