Indulge in a Spiced Pumpkin Sweet Treat for Your Skin!

blog-pumpkin facial

Fall is here and winter is rapidly approaching and no doubt, just like the weather, you are feeling changes in your skin. Cold weather usually results in drier, duller and rougher looking and feeling skin. Did you know that everyone’s favorite pie ingredient, pumpkin, has effective anti-aging and rejuvenating properties?

Pumpkin offers a cornucopia of benefits. They are chock-full of vitamins C and E that revive skin, vitamin B5 that alleviates stress, and carotenes that boost immunity by protecting cells from damage caused by free radicals.

Take some time to indulge and soothe your skin with our seasonal Spiced Pumpkin Facial. This holiday treatment will cater to every skin type needs, from acneic to anti-aging maintenance. Smooth fine lines, clear congestion, and dissolve dead skin cells for a more vibrant, healthier and youthful appearance. We will finish with a custom cocktail of peptides and retinoids for continuing collagen enhancement and increased cell turn over.

You will fall in love with the glow and feel of your skin! Harvest the benefits of pumpkin, call today for your appointment.