Is Your Aesthetician Honest with You?

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Many of us look forward to our visits to an aesthetician, whether it be for monthly maintenance or for a once-in-awhile pick me up. The hour long pampering session most likely includes some extractions, soothing aromatherapy, discussion on skin history and products and an overall relaxing sensation. Unfortunately, most of the time a very important topic is overlooked: Home Care, what you do in your everyday life that affects your skin.

Of course we all know by now that we must always wash our face, not sleep in our makeup, drink gallons of water and use multiple products in order to achieve the healthy skin we all desire. But could all of these efforts go to waste by something as simple as washing your face towel in the wrong detergent? The answer is YES.

Home Care is vital to the efficacy of your products as well as your future treatments. If you have poor Home Care, products and facials will only have a band-aid effect- it will only cover the problem.

Straight from the source, our Aesthetician Kiki (with 14 years of experience under her belt) reveals what her take is on Home Care.

“Many of my patients come in to see me with the expectation that a monthly facial and some products are the answers to clear, healthy skin. Right from the beginning, I do a comprehensive skin analysis and ask them questions about certain things like their diet, their allergies, and their daily routine with cleansing and product usage. This information is so valuable and I believe is underutilized when creating a plan for healthy skin. For example, many of my acne patients come to me saying that they have tried every acne product on the market and nothing seems to work for them. If I notice that they have more irritation on a certain side of their face, I ask them what side of their face they sleep on. Many times the extra irritation that occurs on one side is caused by the detergent they are washing their pillow cases with. As soon as they change the detergent to a non fragrance one, they immediately see reduction. It’s that simple! Products and monthly facials are essential to achieving and maintaining healthy skin, but some lifestyle changes might need to happen in order to resolve certain concerns. Your body is amazing and can many times auto correct itself- if it is given the chance.”

Here are a few of Kiki’s tips on Home Care:

>>Wash your sheets and pillow cases once a week with a free and clear detergent

>>Use your Clarisonic only at night to cleanse your face of environmental debris and to avoid excessive exfoliation

>>If you cleanse your face in the morning and are oily within a few hours, your cleanser may be to stripping.

Kiki is available for Skin and Skin Care Regimen Consultations.

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