Mission Possible: Lose Weight with HCG

HCG Diet before after

It’s that time of year again where we promise ourselves we will become a master yogi or a tennis superstar and transform ourselves into the best shape of our lives. But just because it’s a new year doesn’t mean your life is any less chaotic. We have the answer, an effective weight loss program that fits into everyone’s schedule- the HCG weight loss program.

The HCG hormone is combined with a low calorie diet which helps to break down excessive stored fat, increase metabolism and promote weight loss and satiety. There are many non FDA approved over-the-counter versions of HCG but in order to reap the full effectiveness of true HCG, a prescription is required.

Experience the benefits of the HCG weight loss program with the help of our Medical Director, Patrick H Bitter Sr., MD. At your complimentary consultation, you will meet with Dr. Bitter Sr, where he will determine your candidacy for HCG. In some cases, labs will be required before the start of the program for general health reasons. Before you start the program, you will be given a comprehensive overview and a step by step regimen on how to do the program properly and effectively. This includes:

>>>Administration of supplements

>>>Administration of HCG tablets

>>>Review of Meal Plan and Food Guide

>>>Vitamin B injections are included in the program, which occur every week for 4 weeks. At the time of your weekly Vitamin B injection, an HCG check up and weigh in will take place as well. Changes to the program may occur in order to ensure your progress.

>>> Access to continuous support via phone or e-mail with our medical professionals.

Let us help you reach your goal!

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