The New “Lunchtime Necklift”

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Laxity, or the looseness, in the neck can become a significant concern with age, as it is readily noticeable and difficult the conceal. This winter, remove your scarf and ditch those turtlenecks to reveal a tighter, firmer neck with Ultherapy!

You may have heard about Ultherapy in the popular media and how patients around the world are seeing incredible lifting and tightening results with their face, jaw, brows and everything in between. Known as the “Lunchtime Facelift”, Ultherapy uses a new and effective technology that utilizes ultrasound in order to focus into the deep foundation below the skin to lift and tighten skin. This depth below the skin has only been able to be achieved by surgery- until now. The procedure is quick and easy with virtually no downtime and results are natural, gradual and improving every single day.

Aside from being the fastest growing choice for non-invasive skin tightening, Ultherapy has reached another achievement. The FDA has approved full neck treatments for unbelievable necklift-like results. Finally, there is a non-invasive option for treating those pesky stringy neck muscles, sagging jowls and under chin waddles alike.

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