CoolSculpting combined with HCG

Being our Friend has its Benefits!

We have enjoyed many honors and awards recently and we attribute our success to the loyalty and dedication of patients and clients. To show our appreciation, we are giving back to you and your friends through our new patient / client referral program. When your guest comes to the MedSpa THEY receive a $50 Gift Card just for being your guest. Immediately you are sent a $50 Gift Card as a thank you from us!!

It’s a 3 step process:

  1. Educate your family and friends on the exceptional skin care products and services offered at the MedSpa.
  2. Let them know that when they come in to have a complimentary consultation or treatment to mention your name or present the referral card.
  3. Enjoy your $50 Gift Card and watch them enjoy theirs!

There is no limit to the number of friends you can enroll in our program. This program is for new patients and guests to the MedSpa.

If you want to refine your look, but are unsure of the treatment best suited for your skin, call 415-362-4754 to schedule a consultation with a skin rejuvenation specialist. 
Best of all, it’s free!