Refine. Rejuvenate. Rejoice.

For 14 years, Epi Center MedSpa has been on the forefront of eco-friendly skincare, bringing you innovative treatments such as our signature PhotoFacialsm. Now, we’re launching a line of advanced skin care products designed with our patients in mind—products that are cosmetically elegant while, at the same time, extremely effective.

By working with an established pharmaceutical laboratory, we’ve developed a branded line of products that complement the clinical and esthetic treatments we’re famous for, while keeping in harmony with nature. Each batch is made-to-order to guarantee freshness and strength, allowing us to avoid harsh solvents, parabens and cosmetic preservatives. With names like REstart, REverse, REbel, REvamp, REhab, REpent, and REcallibrate, we’re bringing you pure, potent and stable products, while the staying true to our uniquely San Franciscan style.

The Epi Center Skin Care line is available for purchase at Epi Center MedSpa or online at www.skinrejuv.com.


Individual Results May Vary