PRF stands for Platelet-Rich Fibrin, a concentrate of your own cells, used as an alternative to synthetic solutions. Therefore, ezPRF is an autologous blood concentrate, 100% natural, free of additives and chemicals and packed with powerful cells for skin rejuvenation purposes.

What makes ezPRF unique as opposed to traditional blood concentrates (such as Platelet-Rich Plasma) is the slow and short centrifugation which creates a concentrate richer in cells. These will secrete growth factors that contribute to the rejuvenation process. The absence of anti-coagulant or synthetic additive, which enables the creation of a fibrin scaffold that will keep the growth factors more active and for a longer period of time.

A Safe, Natural Treatment for Hair Restoration and Brow Thickness as well as:

  • Dark circles
  • Acne scarring
  • Wrinkles and fine lines
  • Tear troughs and deep folds
  • Brown spots (face, neck and decollete)
  • Volume loss and symmetry adjustment

The Process

Platelets and white blood cells are two important producers of growth factors which are essential for the rejuvenation process.

The plasma, composed mostly of water and proteins, also plays an important role in obtaining The Ultimate Blood Concentrate. Once removed from its natural environment, plasma coagulates and fibrin scaffold starts to form. This network of proteins will keep the blood cells more active, allowing for a longer, slower and more durable release of growth factors.

The exPRF process will separate the red blood cells from all the other cells and proteins which will be collected and reused.


What’s the Procedure Like?

EASY AS 1, 2, 3


A small sample of your blood is collected in the exPRF tubes.


The exPRF tubes are then spun in order to separate your red blood cells from everything else. The centrifugal force generated pushes the heavier red blood cells to the bottom of the tube.


Once the centrifugation is complete, the top layer of the tube’s content is collected. This layer (approx. 10% of tube) is composed of your very own Platelets and White blood cells: The Ultimate Blood Concentrate!

Look at these amazing results!