Pernella Sommerville

Director of Communications

Pernella Sommerville was a welcomed addition to the Epi Center MedSpa Team in early 2014. She leads and develops communication strategies that help advance the medspa’s efforts to catalyze broad impact through the sharing of effective ideas and practices. These strategies include new business/lead generation, publications, partnerships with membership organizations, Web marketing, social media, media outreach and conferences.

Prior to joining Epi Center MedSpa, Pernella held various positions as Project Manager for Leftwich Events Specialists, Director of Industry Development and Administration/Director of Campus Life and Manager of Public Relations for Academy of Art University, Director of Membership Development, Redlands Chamber of Commerce, Manager, Mission Aviation Fellowship Foundation, Lecturer and Trainer for the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising and Clinician, Chaparral Treatment Center.

Sommerville regularly makes presentations on public relations and strategic communications, and has published articles on communications and team development; with expertise as a leading consultant in Public Relations, Marketing and Event Planning for both national and international markets. With over 15 years experience in public relations/special events, she applies her strong expertise in people/social skills, data, relationship building and long-term strategic planning. 

Pernella has led project valuation, negotiation processes, corporate business development and new client systems. In her first six months with EpiCenter MedSpa Pernella increased patient satisfaction and communications by more than 30%. Pernella Sommerville holds a Master of Science degree in Clinical Psychology, Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology and Certificate in Public Relations. She is an active member of the Junior League of San Francisco.