Summertime Chemical Peels


As we grow older, age spots – usually light or dark brown – become more and more prominent. They are most often caused by overexposure to the sun. Melanin begins to concentrate in a small area, so the result is something like a large freckle. They can be removed surgically, but the skin regrowth is often uneven. In other words, a scar may form that is as noticeable as the age spot was before it was removed.

Chemical peel treatment is a suitable option for getting rid of superficial or medium-depth age spots. Before deciding that peel treatment is the best option, check with us at Epi Center Medspa. We will sit down with you, examine the trouble spots on the face, and give you all the information you need concerning treatment options.

How Chemical Peels Work

A light peel treatment is superficial in nature. It only lifts away the uppermost layers of skin. Depending on the size and volume of the age spot, this type of peel may or may not be effective.

A medium-depth peel uses a slightly stronger solution. Its effect is more pronounced because a thicker layer of skin is lifted away. This type of treatment requires a short recovery time on the part of the client.

A deep peel will help to remove thicker age spots as well as lesions and deep scarring. It is also effective for smoothing out deeper wrinkles that have begun to set.

Chemical peels are applied on the facial skin. Over the next week or so, the skin layer dries up and flakes off. The body responds by sending nutrients to the affected area. A new layer of skin begins to grow. The age spot will slowly become less and less pronounced.

A deep peel treatment may be performed if the age spot or other discoloration is quite thick and penetrates below the layers of skin.

Benefits of Chemical Peels

Although this type of treatment sounds rather harsh in terms of what it does to the facial skin, the procedure is actually simple. The healing process – including healthier tissue growth – is automatic. The body does this naturally without the client having to perform any sort of post-treatment care. Deeper peels may require special skin care on a daily basis. Chemical peels do not involve the abrasive resurfacing of the skin.

Learn More About Chemical Peels

If you are looking for a simple cosmetic treatment for age spots or other discolorations, a chemical peel may be just the procedure for you. Contact Epi Center MedSpa today to schedule a personal consultation at 415.362.4754.