Ana Marie Goscila, RN

Aesthetic Nurse
Epi Center MedSpa

AnaMarie is a highly skilled healthcare professional with over 14 years of experience in the medical field. She holds a Bachelor of Science in Nursing in Psychology from the University of San Francisco and a graduate degree in Integrative Medicine in Health Sciences from Duke University, showcasing her impressive educational background.

Her belief in caring for her patients is grounded in a combination approach of holistic and integrative medicine with Western medicine. She completed the Integrative Nurse Coach Academy and received her certification as a BC-NC Health and Wellness Coach, furthering her expertise in providing comprehensive and personalized care. Known for her caring and gentle touch, AnaMarie is a forward-thinking and diplomatic communicator, making her a valuable member of the Epi Center MedSpa team.

AnaMarie brings a unique perspective to her work in the aesthetic field, combining her extensive medical experience with an integrative approach that focuses on research, wellness, prevention, and anti-aging management. As a celebrated leader, she is known for her collaborative and results-driven approach, as well as her ability to build strong community relationships. She practices integrative aesthetic therapies that produce long-lasting results, including Botox, Fillers, Skin Tightening, Laser and PhotoFacial Therapy, Morpheus 8, Chemical Peels, and Skin Care products. With experience working in various settings, including private plastic surgery practices as well as assisting in facial plastic surgery in the OR, AnaMarie has a comprehensive skill set for developing custom treatment plans.

AnaMarie is excited to be a part of the Epi Center MedSpa team, allowing her to blend the luxuries of the spa world with her medical expertise, ultimately providing a comprehensive experience for her patients.


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